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Breakfasts in Marin

Vegetarian Benedict
Vegetarian Benedict - Bridgeway Cafe

There are many options for breakfast in Marin! The breakfast list was the first summary list I posted to my blog, and still receives a high readership. Every time I think I've gotten the list complete, even if not all visited, a new restaurant or overlooked place pops up! The list has gotten so long that I'm just posting one photo. There are plenty of photos of the places and food when you explore the links.

My definition for a 'breakfast' place is that they open before 9 a.m. on a weekday and have at least one protein choice on the menu (no American-style continental breakfasts count). Those restaurants who choose to open only on weekends or a weekend day for brunch are really not breakfast places in my mind, but I list them separately as they usually do upscale and interesting things on the weekends and make a nice round out to the week.

I continue to keep my blog's sidebar updated with a legend indicating with a * after restaurant links if breakfast is served there, and ** for weekend brunch only places (some brunch only places only serve one of the weekend days, so you should check before showing up). The links below go to my review (most recent whether breakfast or other), if there is a restaurant website, it's listed in the review. And now all are listed on Anna's Map as well, where you can enlarge the map and get the exact address and phone number.

As always, I welcome your pointers on places to enjoy breakfast!

Places I've been for breakfast

Corte Madera
Champagne French Bakery and Cafe
Corte Madera Cafe
Max's Cafe

Koffee Klatch

Cafe Z

Half Day Cafe
Willie's Cafe

Burritoville Cafe
Café Lucano
Ward Street Cafe - Brunch only

Mill Valley
Balboa Cafe
Caffe Oggi
Champagne French Bakery Cafe
La Boulange
Mama's Royal Cafe
Mill Valley Coffee Shop
New York Bagels
Rain Tree Cafe
Shoreline Coffee Shop
Strawberry Gourmet Delicatessen
Toast Cafe
West Point Inn - Brunch only

Muir Beach

Pelican Inn - Brunch only

Chez Pierre
Fernando's Restaurant - Brunch only
Finnegan's Marin-Brunch only
Golden Egg Omelet House
Grant Ave Cafe
Hamilton Cafe - Brunch only
Sam's Roadhouse
Star Restaurant

Point Reyes

Pine Cone Diner

San Anselmo
Bubba's Diner
Comforts Cafe
Debbie Does Dessert - Brunch only
Hilda's Coffee Shop
Insalata's - Brunch only

San Geronimo
Two Bird Cafe

San Rafael
Bobby's Cafe
Bogie's Cafe
Depot Garden Cafe
Eduardo's Restaurant
Joe's Cafe
Le Croissant
Lighthouse Diner
Lundy's Home Cooking
The Crepevine
Panama Inn & Restaurant - Brunch only
Pier 15 - Brunch only (brunch and after 9/10 a.m. every day)
Redwood Cafe
Theresa & Johnny's Comfort Food
West End Cafe Deli & Market

Anchorage 5 Restaurant
Bayside Cafe
Bridgeway Cafe
Caffe DiVino
Fred's Coffee Shop
Le Garage
Lighthouse Cafe
Northpoint Coffee Company
Sartaj India Cafe
Sausalito Bakery & Cafe

Stinson Beach
Parkside Cafe
Sand Dollar Restaurant - Brunch only

Dave & Mike's Restaurant
New Morning Cafe
Sam's Anchor Cafe
Sweden House Bakery & Cafe
Three Degrees

Places yet to go for breakfast

Coast Cafe - Brunch only

Corte Madera
Il Fornaio - Brunch only

Barefoot Cafe
The Sleeping Lady - Brunch only

Fifi's Diner
Road Runner Burrito
Wipeout Bar & Grill - Brunch only

Lark Creek Inn - Brunch only
Left Bank - Brunch only
Noonan's Bar & Grill - Brunch only
Table Cafe - Brunch only

Mill Valley
Buckeye Roadhouse - Brunch only
Depot Bookstore & Cafe
Maria Maria - Brunch only
Mountain Home Inn - Brunch only
Piazza D'Angelo - Brunch only
Shelter Bay Cafe
Small Shed Flatbreads - Brunch only
Vasco - Brunch only

Ranch Nicasio - Brunch only

El Encanto
- Brunch only
Marvin's Breakfast Club
Mary's Place
Sam's Place
Skully's Bakery & Cafe (T-Sat 7 a.m. - mostly pastries with fritattas)
The Garden - Brunch only
Wild Fox - Brunch only

Olema Farm House - Brunch only

Point Reyes
Station House Cafe

San Rafael
Casa Manana- Brunch and after 9 a.m. weekdays
La Hacienda - Brunch only
Marin Steak & Spirits Company
Seafood Peddler - Brunch only
Taqueria Bahia - Brunch only

Horizon's - Brunch only
Louie's Deli Cafe
Murray Circle
Paradise Bay - Brunch only
Piccolo Teatro - Brunch only
Seven Seas Greenhouse Restaurant - Brunch only
Taste of Rome
The Spinnaker - Brunch only
Winship Restaurant

Guaymas - Brunch only
Servino - Brunch only

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