Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inconsistent with Previous Experience

The Lighthouse Cafe

Dad and I went to the Lighthouse Cafe in Sausalito one morning for breakfast. I have many fond memories of enjoying breakfast there over the years, and it had been awhile, so I was looking forward to it. It is normally a very popular place with people waiting for your seat, both inside and outside. We were there early, so we got a seat immediately, and the line didn't start until later in our meal.

Eggs and Bacon

Dad ordered scrambled eggs with bacon. Our meals also included toast (not pictured) and we chose European wheat from the list rattled off by the waitress.

Spanish Omelet

I decided to be a little adventurous, and ordered the Spanish Omelet. The omelet cover was fluffy, and it contained sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions, with salsa on the side. I requested an add of avocado and was asked whether I wanted it inside or on the side, I chose on the side. It came as a half, seed hole side down, so I sliced it tableside and arranged it. I was rather disappointed in this dish. First, the sauteed vegetables were dripping with oil and had a lot of 'grill residue', that is browned bits of sausage and other meats that had been grilled previous to the omelet for other orders. The avocado had noticeable brown parts and was a bit stringy, like it was overripe. Besides the dish itself, the service was distinctly lacking. The waiter who took our drink orders wasn't listening, as he immediately tried to pour coffee into Dad's cup after I told him that we'd like two Earl Gray Teas. He then brought out two English Breakfast teas. When I pointed that out, he brought a whole bowlful of tea bags which included Earl Gray. There was also poor management of the people waiting inside. I was sitting in the booth on the bench nearest the door. When people kept crowding in to wait in the tiny space just behind, someone was pushed into my back with force and a fork of eggs and salsa fell on my white shirt, leaving a big salsa mark. With that tiny a space, those who wait should be directed to wait outside. I also found the jams on the table to be very crumpled and when opened, looked like they were heated and cooled, and there was a strange off color film over the top. One of them was partly opened and still in the bowl. I've been here many times before and never had such a poor experience, so I'm hoping that this is just an anomaly.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 2
Noncritical: 4
Last inspected: 1/9/2009

Previously reviewed:
March 20, 2007


cookiecrumb said...

Serious "ewww". Don't go back.

Unknown said...

I've got to say, I was underwhelmed the last time I was there for breakfast, too. And that bench next to the door gets cold in the winter, too.

Anna Haight said...

Cookiecrumb: Yes, I don't know when I could brave it again...

Elizabeth: There isn't a bench any more I noticed. It would be nicer if they had those buzzer things so people could be comfortable somewhere nearby without losing their place.