Friday, January 23, 2009

One Thai place goes, and a new one replaces

Cafe Bangkok closes

I found that we've said goodbye to Cafe Bangkok in Novato which I enjoyed last in 2006.

Thai Bistro

However, the new Thai Bistro has taken over the same space and early reports are good. Very good in fact. So I now have two new Thai places to try in Marin!

On another newsy note, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Catherine of Albion Cooks, Cookiecrumb of I'm Mad and I Eat, and her husband Cranky of Pluto Demoted on Wednesday night. When I started this blogging endeavor, I thought it was a solitary pursuit and that no one but maybe some close friends would read my blog. Was I wrong! Much of the fun of blogging is finding new friends with common interests, who are lots of fun! And inspiring on many levels! We enjoyed Vin Antico in San Rafael where Catherine recommended this wonderful egg appetizer, and since its website currently reads "under construction" I can't look up the name of! However if you see something with baked eggs and a spicy tomato sauce, chances are you've found it. Look here at Catherine's archives and look for July 10, 2008 for a photo. No doubt that this group of Marin bloggers will be getting together again over something tasty!


Anonymous said...

Dear Anna - I am relatively new to Marin and have the pleasure of just finding your blog. What a wonderful calling you have and this is a wonderful service. Kudos to you! I check it out almost every day and always use it to scope out good eats.
Many thanks.

cookiecrumb said...

I'm thinking the name of the egg dish was something like Uovo al Forno. Does that ring a bell?
Sure was fun.