Monday, January 26, 2009

Completing my list

Neo Tataki

I found that there is a new place in Novato with a Japanese twist. TJ's Take Out has been purchased and is transitioning the menu and signage to become Neo Tataki. The inside has been spiffed up with new paint and menu and the greetings and service are quite friendly.


There are a few Japanese crackers served as the rest of the order is prepared.

Miso Soup

I thought the miso soup sounded like a good place to start. Although the bowl is a little nontraditional, the contents were delicious!

Philadelphia Roll

There was a distinct effort to make the presentation very pretty. The Philadelphia roll I ordered sported some decorative lettuce. There is a selection of sushi items every day.

Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

Neo Tataki is more an ecletic neighborhood hang out than a formal restaurant and is not purely Japanese. Dad was happy that he could order a standard turkey and cheese sandwich while I was enjoying more exotic fare. Actually the sandwich was stuffed with veggies in a way that gave it some flair and spike of antioxidants. There is also free WiFi inside!

To my knowledge, I've now eaten at every Japanese Restaurant in Marin, including those which may just have the Japanese part as a sideline! We do have quite a variety, and I'll have to update the summary for Marin Japanese restaurants soon.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 2
Noncritical: 3
Last inspected: 12/15/2008

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