Thursday, March 18, 2004

Last night I enjoyed an amazing evening dining on the top floor of the Transamerica Building. What an amazing view, and intimate dining space. One of the security staff told me that there were floors above it (48th), 10-15 stories of a narrow, spiral staircase, and only the engineers and mechanics were allowed access. Rats! Well, I wasn't dressed for it anyway. The Bank of America hosted the evening for clients/potential clients while the Mid-sized Pension conference is in town.

Saturday is my flying lesson! My friends have either changed dates, or cancelled, so I'm going alone on this adventure. It's going to be fun.

I've been making progress on planning Colin & Collette's individual 'weeks' with Auntie Anna. I've gotten reservations at Camp Curry in the tents for Colin and I, and fly fishing lessons set up. We may also go gold-panning if Mariposa isn't too far away from Yosemite. I'm arranging for a trip to Monterey for Collette, complete with a B&B experience in tents on a wildlife park, where an elephant will bring breakfast to us carrying it on his trunk... and we'll have an elephant ride as well. I've also looked into rock climbing lessons for Collette who seems to be able to scale anything verticle quite naturally. Hmmm... does she take after her auntie who never saw a tree she didn't want to climb to the top when she was Collette's age?

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Wow. What a weekend with the twins. We did have a good time. The kids loved the Disney "Princess on Ice" show at the Cow palace, which was the highlight of the weekend for them. After they left, I saw a GREAT film "Wheel of Time" a documentary of a Tibetan Buddhist initiation and mandala making, at the Castro Theatre, which is itself impressive. The "Wheel of Time" is part of the International Asian American Film festival which just opened up before the weekend. I had a nice lunch at Nirvana's on Castro, just before. Nirvana's serves Burmese cuisine which seems to be a fusion of Indian and Chinese food. Quite good. After the film, I couldn't resist something called 'rose petal' fudge at the Faerie Queene just up the street from the theater. I noticed a sign that said Faerie Queene is closing April 1st, hoping that didn't mean for good, but I have a feeling... anyway the rose petal fudge is absolutely amazing. I waited until coming home to sample it.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Gearing up for Erika's visit with the twins this weekend. We're going to Disney's Princess on Ice show at the Cow Palace in SF on Saturday morning. In the evening we're attending an event with my marathon runner friends who are into a new phase for their organization, World Runners. I'm also looking forward to attending a documentary at the International Asian-American Film Festival on Sunday... still looking for a friend to use my other ticket. I enjoyed dinner at Robata Grill this evening. It can be rather uneven, the yakisoba was drenched with too much sauce this evening. But it's close and many of the small dishes are executed well.