Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Set a Holiday Table

I met Ryan Cole, General Manager of Michael Mina in San Francisco at its opening party.  He was very gracious and in this clip he gives pointers on setting a holiday table.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Live from China: Get your scorpions!

Live Scorpions on a Stick

I love Skype.  I chatted with my friend Jonathon this afternoon over the Skype-line about how he's finding being in Bejing after many years.  He's there this week for to speak at an environmental conference.  Naturally China's changed since he was a student, and yet it can still be counted on for some surprising food adventures!  Jonathon described walking along Wang Feng Shi Boulevard in Bejing's commercial district and happening on the scene above.  Yes, these are live scorpions on a stick, squirming and waiting to be fried in the hot oil fryers to the left, and be bought as street food by the crowds passing by.  Jonathon gave me permission to use the photo he snapped and sent me above.