Friday, January 09, 2009

Perpetual Christmas

Sam's Place

Being curious about Sam's Place in Novato, I stopped by for a late breakfast the other day. The decor is decidedly Christmas themed, with old Christmas signage, posters and lots of greenery hanging around with lights. There are also old LP covers of Christmas music artfully stapled/glued to the tops of the divider on the booths in front of the kitchen. The music is decidedly country mixed with very old songs like "King of the Road".

Breakfast Special

The table tent described their special in detail. It looks like quite a deal - 3 itmes for $4.99. I did resist however.

Omelet Wrap

I chose the Omelet Wrap, which was very tasty indeed. The omelet had feta cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and spinach wrapped in the fluffy omelet, wrapped in a tortilla. The presentation was pretty and it was easy to eat in the wrapper. The accompanying home fries were also delicious, although I put in and order for hash browns. Oh well. Even if not quite accurate, the service was prompt and friendly without disturbing the morning quiet time.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 0
Noncritical: 0
Last inspected: 12/23/2008

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Anonymous said...

The decor has shifted now to a winter theme. It appears to be some kind of winter lodge look, including a large bear. There are still some Christmas lights in the back though.