Friday, January 09, 2009

Not again!

Chopsticks closed

Echoing Cookiecrumb's comment on the post a couple days ago where I kept running into closed restaurants, this recession IS getting sad and scary. I had Chopsticks in San Rafael on my list to try, and when Dad said he wanted Chinese for lunch, I thought it was time.

Chopsticks note

And when we got there, a sign was posted on the door that they closed as of January 1, 2009 due to losing the lease. The bright spot is that the Chew family hopes to open elsewhere in Marin. Losing a lease isn't necessarily because of a recession, however there are just too many closings for any reason recently.


jonlabo said...

Wow, I always had Chopsticks on my list as well.

An unrelated question: Have you ever checked out either of the two San Rafael Basque restaurants (Le Chalet Basque and Cafe Villa Basque)?

Anna Haight said...

La Chalet Basque is definitely on my list - I tried visiting Cafe Villa Basque twice, and the second time the staff at the Inn told me it was closed for remodeling. I haven't seen it open yet, but it may be time for another pass.