Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lighthouse Cafe

Danish Hash. It was such a blue-sky day in Sausalito I decided to go to one of my favorite eateries for an ethnic treat. So I visited the Lighthouse Cafe located on Bridgeway south of the tourist district. I usually enjoy breakfasts here, so this was a little different.

Danish Hash

I quickly scanned the menu, and thought that I really didn't want an egg on top of meat, which seems to be typically Danish, so I continued down the "Danish Lunch Specials" until I found "Danish Hash" - roast beef, meatballs, potatoes, onions, etc. I soon found out that the 'etc.' was a fried egg on top! Oh well. All the other ingredients indeed were all of the prior list, with a tangy brownish sauce throughout. It was a taste sensation. Although I realize I eat meat with eggs for breakfast, it still seems a bit too decadent for lunch. The cucumber pickles were very fresh and crisp, reminded me of my mother's, and the beets were good as well. It is also served with a couple slices of that dense flat bread laced with good seeds, like sunflower and flax. The meal was quite healthy if you are not watching your fat content! The staff are quick and friendly and it has a great atmosphere. The menu also has lots of typical lunch fare to choose from as well.


Susan said...

Fantastic photo Anna! It actually reminds me of New England, especially Maine.

Anna Haight said...

Great! I've always wondered about Maine. This is a quaint and great little place.