Monday, March 05, 2007


Caledonia Street Thai.
Stopped for a quick lunch at Arawan, a nice Thai place in Sausalito. It was bright and cheerful, as were the staff. I was promptly greeted and seated.

Chicken & Fried Rice Special

I tried their chicken and fried rice luncheon special. I didn't realize that the chicken was deep-fried or I probably wouldn't have chosen it on that day, but it was quite tasty! It was battered with an egg and breadcrumb treatment and the chicken inside was moist and tender. The stylized rice on the plate with the sweet/sour dip made for a pretty picture. I've been here before with a similarly pleasant experience, and will doubtless visit again.


Kalyn said...

Anna, so many great places to eat where you live. If I ever come there, you must promise to have dinner with me at one of these great places. (I do have a step-sister who lives in El Cerrito, so I get there once in a while.)

Anna Haight said...


I'm happy to know that you come out to the bay area sometimes! Yes, there are great places to eat here, and all over the bay area. One of my favorite grocery stores is in El Cerrito, and the Richmond Bridge connects El Cerrito to Marin, so it's pretty easy to commute! Can't wait to share a table with you here!