Tuesday, March 06, 2007

May Lee's China Bistro

Pan Asian in San Anselmo.
Dad and I stopped at May Lee's Asian Bistro for dinner one evening. We were entice by the "Asian Bistro" part of the sign, and wondered what surprises it may bring. Brightly colored, with friendly prompt service it brought the following dishes.

Canton Ha Gao Dumpling

The Canton Ha Gow Dumplings were hot, fresh and delicious. You can see the steam rising! I tried to order sushi as an appetizer, but was told that 'no one eats sushi in the cold, we only have sushi during the summer'!

Combo Fried Rice

Next up was their Combo Fried Rice, this was great.

Sizzling Salmon & Asparagus

The Sizzling Salmon and Asparagus was exceptional!

Singapore Curry Rice Vermicelli

The only misstep was the Singapore Curry Rice Vermacelli. It was, well, awful. It tasted like someone dropped the curry powder bottle in it and didn't stir it up. Dusty powder grains were distinguishable, clinging to the noodles and the dish tasted rather of concentrated curry powder, strong and grainy even though powder-like.

In general this was bright, cheery and the menu was pan-Asian with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai dishes represented on the menu. The proprietor said that his customers usually order Chinese despite the variety. It was good, other than the noodles just mentioned. There are two other locations in Marin, which only serve a Chinese/Japanese menu, in Mill Valley and Novato called simply "May Lee's".

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Elle said...

Anna, those are the best looking Ha Gow dumplings I've seen in a long time. Yum.

The Phd program sounds wonderful. Holistic is the future for healthcare. Way to go.