Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pancho's Casa Manana

Hidden charm in Tiburon.
I passed by a little green house on Ark Row and vowed to stop in sometime. The name is Poncho's Casa Manana, and I did make it back on one of the horribly rainy days of late. I found that it is related to the Casa Manana in San Rafael (there is one in Bolinas too), but the ambiance is so different you would not imagine it to be related.

Chips & Salsa

The service was prompt and friendly, and the person who helped me had a soft, sweet mom-like energy which actually reminded me of my mother. Some chips and a couple varieties of salsa were brought out immediately.

There were a number of tempting and unusual specialties, as well as an eggplant burrito special on the whiteboard. I decided to try "Yuca Salad". It was a warm salad, which had slightly sauteed cabbage (red and green), carrots, chicken as a topping to some romaine, all topped by tender slices of yuca and a mild white cheese. It had a mild potato taste and texture. It came with generous amounts of black beans (very well flavored) and rice. Definitely a recommendable place for a casual and tasty lunch. And it's veggie friendly - the Yuca salad had a veggie option, the eggplant burrito was veggie friendly and I also noted a vegetarian tamale on the menu.

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Susan said...

An eggplant burrito? Oh, I've got to try that. It's one of my favorites. Thanks!