Thursday, March 08, 2007

Darios Pizza & Pasta

Good values, typical pizza & pasta place.
I stopped in at Dario's Pizza & Pasta for lunch on a sunny day. I apologize for the above evening blur, just as I was trying to get a photo at lunchtime, the staff decided to take a smoking break, and I didn't want to be conspicuously photographing. So this was taken on my way home from my client's in the evening, under decidedly low light conditions. The interior is rustic with lots of warm wood and kitschy country decorations.

Freshly Baked Bread and Iced Tea

Brandy, my waitress, was bright, peppy and prompt. She brought out my iced tea, a pitcher of it on my table plus some freshly baked bread. I ordered the special of the day "All You Can Eat Spaghetti" since it came with a salad and was an all inclusive $7.49. Very reasonable. I have to say I was tempted to order a Schnitzelizza Pizza - with cheese, sweet and sour sauce, sauerkraut, beef, sausage and onions. Just sounds too unusual! But I really wanted a salad too, so went for the pasta special.

Garden Salad

Next came the Garden Salad, very nicely done, crisp and delightful.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

On to the main entree, the Spaghetti with meat sauce. I'm pleased to report that it was much improved over the last time I reviewed Dario's, the spaghetti noodles were closer to al dente and acceptable. But you can see, if I'm not crazy about the food, it may be awhile until I visit again. My last review of Dario's was in 2003. They also give you a cute round yellow magnet at the end - collect eight and get a free pizza!

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