Thursday, March 22, 2007

Champagne French Bakery & Cafe

French twist in Mill Valley.
Dad and I enjoyed a weekday breakfast at Champagne French Bakery and Cafe the other morning, early enough to have free street parking.

Breakfast Crepes

Dad tried the Breakfast Crepes, and really enjoyed them. Don't they look good?

Quiche Lorraine

I tried the Quiche Lorraine, and have no problem eating salad rather than potatoes for breakfast (the other choice was French Fries) having lived in Japan. The quiche was VERY smooth and creamy, I'm sure they must have used heavy cream in the base as authentic French do! We noticed that they have started having a champagne brunch every weekend starting in March. How festive! We'll have to try it some weekend.

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Bob said...

Green salad for breakfast instead of fried potatoes is a healthy idea. Thanks for passing this on.