Sunday, March 25, 2007


Lunch with the birds.
Another glorious day in Southern Marin county. I tried Northpoint Coffee Company for lunch. It has a very unassuming front, but opens out to a simple but lovely seaside garden.


This view was worth getting a sunburn for, and I did. And it was due in part to some rather slow service, but it was still worth the view.


They are primarily a coffee house, so unsurprisingly, a delicious soy latte was immediately forthcoming.

Pancetta & Harvati Paninni

The sandwich, a pancetta and havarti panini, was very delayed. It was very crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. The fresh tomatoes inside punched it up a bit. A few other small touches and this place would be great. Paying more attention to food and speed of service would make this place rock. It's almost there. I'll visit again, if not for anything else but the good coffee and delicious views.


Anonymous said...

Looks idyllic.

Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog, and can't wait to check out some (if not all) of your reccomendations. Wow! and Thanks!
P.S. If you ever need an extra diner, I'm available.

Anna Haight said...

Well Gale, would be happy to meet you sometime, but couldn't get a clue to how to contact you...