Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ino Restaurant

Mill Valley Neighbor
. Tucked away near the square in Mill Valley, is a friendly family-style Japanese restaurant, Ino Restaurant. The woman who greets you is an old-style Japanese who has impeccable manners and hospitality. We were SO looked after for our meal here.

Miso Soup

The miso was good.

Beef Shogayaki

Dad enjoyed beef shogayaki, beef sauteed with ginger.

Beef Sukiyaki

I tried their beef sukiyaki, neither of us in the mood for sushi. Mine was good as well, with vegetables cut uniformly so that they cooked evenly in the sauce. A good cool-weather dish. The only thing amiss was that the menus in the sheet holders were rather sticky. There was quite an artist here too, as there was a beautiful hand drawing of a Japanese woman in a kimono in moonlight on the specials white board, and on the menus were illustrated explanations of what "kappa" means (not cucumber) as well as the story of tengu!

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cranky said...

That was the first restaurant Cranky and I ate in in Mill Valley, a million years ago. So that restaurant is OLD. Such a comfort to know it's still going strong (although on that one visit of ours, we felt muscled aside by a gang of sushi-counter know-it-alls).
Looking at your photo of the sukiyaki... I could *smell* it.