Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pyschedelic Comfort Food

Mama's Royal Cafe

Colin wanted a different breakfast experience one morning, so I took him to Mama's Royal Cafe in Mill Valley. If the colors of this place don't wake and cheer you, nothing will.

Mama's Interior

The interior is historically colorful.

Mama's Interior

And it remains whimsical with only subtle shifts over time. With such a wild interior, I was puzzled as to how Colin could forget coming here with me and his mother and sister a few years ago. And it was nicer then to reintroduce him.

Eggs Benedict

Colin had an eggs benedict which had a fanciful name that I have since forgotten. It seemed to be the standard with the addition of fresh avocados. Colin approved.

Eggs Benedict

My benedict type was without meat, and included a sliced grilled tomato and sauteed mushrooms. I definitely approved. Mama's is still dependably good.

Previously reviewed:
October 24, 2006

As I write this I am staying in Fresno where I had quite an interesting dining experience. I can't wait to arrive home with photos of the fun places I've eaten on this trip.


Bob said...

Oh my gosh! Normally I steer clear of breakfast - - - just don't like what the choices are. But in this case I'd go for it. How absolutely appealing. Thanks for sharing.

Pamela said...

You had the "California Benedict". I am a waitress there. Thanks for the sweet things you wrote about MaMa's. I love the place, and the food is so yummy, I even eat there on my days off.

Anonymous said...

hahaha OMG my grandma owns this resturant and when i visit her we eat there every morning! it is amazing!! i love visiting california and this summer i get to go by myself!! how exciting. more mama's for me! yeah!!!!

Anna Haight said...

This is an absolutely fun and tasty place easily found in Mill Valley. My twin niece and nephew love it too and request it when visiting from Long Beach!

Thanks for your comments!

From Chicago said...

Stayed in Sausalito and hit Mama's on the way up to Wine Country. You have to love a place where everything looks like it was stolen from the 60's and 70's. Food was real, service was so so. But service at breakfast is overrated. It was worth it for the local flavor. Really like this blog.