Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Neighborhood Surfer Favorite

Woody's Diner

One more post about a meal shared with my nieces, Erika and her daughter Collette just before I started my trip back home last week. Collette suggested we eat at Woody's Diner in Seal Beach, and it looked like a winner from the outside.

Hawaiian Omelet

Both Erika and Collette raved about the Hawaiian Omelet they ordered. Ham, pineapple, jack and cheddar cheese were enfolded in this one, and it came with hash browns and choice of bread - which happened to include biscuits and gravy! Both Erika and I tried these.

Cottage Scramble

I ordered a Cottage Scramble which included a medley of tomatoes, mushrooms green onions with cheddar and jack cheeses scrambled in. I also ordered the hash browns, which were just right, crisp on the outside and shreds moist, well-cooked and holding their definition on the inside.

Biscuits and Gravy

Here is a shot of the biscuits and gravy with a sprinkling of bacon pieces that was Erika and my choice of 'bread'. This was very good, very rich, and probably contained more of my week's fat allowance than I want to know. Woody's was a great place to enjoy breakfast!

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