Sunday, August 31, 2008

Harvest Time!

Sweet Millions

I've been harvesting all along, but there's something about Labor Day weekend and noticing the waning light of day come a wee bit sooner that makes one think of fall. And my tomato plant is still drooping, heavy with green orbs, so although I made a clean pick of all the red ones, as long as the weather holds, there should be plenty more behind. Sweet Millions indeed!

Sweet Million F1 Tomato plant

I'm still amazed at all the fruit that came from this tiny start!

Wild tomato plant

It still looks something like this, with no reds now. My first tomato planting has been a great success, and I'm dreaming of making a row of them next season! I guess I'm an official 'slow-fooder' now. There's also Slow Food Nation happening this weekend in San Francisco, but I'm just hanging out with mine.

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Zoomie said...

I'm envious of your success with tomatoes!