Friday, August 29, 2008

Guarded by Purple Lions

The Dynasty

It was a gorgeous day to be walking around Tiburon! Dad and I were enjoying the scenery, and decided to have lunch at The Dynasty. Those purple liions guarding the front are more inviting than threatening.

Bridge View of Fountain and SF

But first, we enjoyed walking over the bridge and listening to the musical water splashing from the fountain. The San Francisco skyline was clearly visible with the crystal clear skies of a sunny day.

View from the door

You can see the harbor activity from the front of the restaurant as well as from the interior.

Appetizers/Fried chicken leg/chicken and corn soup

We finally meandered inside, and were impressed with the large selection of luncheon items. Whatever you ordered, a special chef's choice of appetizer and soup. The appetizer we were served was a fried chicken wing in savory sauce. It was good. The egg drop with corn and chicken soup was also very flavorful.

Chicken with Vegetables & Fried Rice

Dad was interested in the Chicken with Mixed Vegetables and Fried Rice lunch special. He said it was really cooked perfectly and he loved how fresh the vegetables were. He said the only problem was that the portion was too big. So we took some home.

Salmon & Asparagus w/Fried Rice

I was excited to see Salmon & Asparagus as one of the special lunch items. That's what I had! It was wok-fried in a black bean sauce which paired beautifully with the strength of the salmon flavor. What a treat. The prices were a bit more, but the quality and quantity made it a good value. I would go again in a heartbeat.


cookiecrumb said...

That *does* sound good. I love how adventurous your dad's appetite is... but then, so's my dad's, and he's only a year or two younger than yours.
I forget, was your dad in the military?

Anna Haight said...

Hi Cookiecrumb, I'm looking forward to meeting you! My Dad was in the military - a WWII vet.