Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Open

Corte Madera Cafe

Despite having a car run into the front of the building and breaking the glass, Corte Madera Cafe is still open and serving its great food with charm. Coincidentally, Dad & I had breakfast their just a few days before the unfortunate incident. The above is necessarily the 'before' photo.

Corte Madera Cafe - broken window

I delayed this post a bit until I could go and check out the damage myself. As you can see, the window is boarded up and there was some damage to the side wall.


Management kindly left a note (click on image for larger view), and although closed for Memorial Day (when I stopped by), notes on the windows said it would be open as normal on Tuesday the 27th.


We enjoyed a friendly and leisurely breakfast one weekend morning, and Dad started with a hot cocoa which he thinks are the best here.

Soy Latte

I had a soy latte which was definitely one of the best I've had.

Eggs, Hash browns and sausage

Dad enjoyed the two scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and hash browns. He commented on the green herbs mixed in the hash browns which he thought was a nice way of upping the antioxidants.

Spinach feta & herb scramble

I enjoyed the spinach, tomato, fresh herbs and feta scramble with the home fries that I remembered as perfectly done, and they were perfect again this time. And the home fries had a sweet pepper accent of yellow and red which went very well with my herbish scramble. The Corte Madera Cafe remains highly recommendable.

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