Thursday, May 08, 2008

They should add a dance floor

Cactus Cafe

Positively peppy, the Cactus Cafe pleases again. Obviously the new management has found the right note from the music to the prompt and freshly prepared food. The charming waitresses looked like sisters and were so cute and happy and eager to please one couldn't come in in a bad mood and maintain it.

Tortillas and two salsas

Nearly as soon as we sat, we were asked if we'd like some chips and salsa, and being hungry we said yes immediately. And in a jiffy, we had chips and two fresh salsas on the table.

Grilled Vegetable Bowl

The famous 'Bowls' have turned inside out into platters, although the moniker is the same as last time we visited. Dad wanted to have the Grilled Vegetable Bowl which had artichokes, summer squash and red onions among the grilled items. The platter is generously portioned and Dad enjoyed as much as he could eat of it.

Tropical Bowl

I ventured out for the Tropical Bowl, which had succulent grilled shrimp and a chunky mango salsa which set off the shrimp very well. There is also a choice of black beans, but the both of us chose pinto, which were mellow and tasty. I'm heading here again the next time it rains it's so sunny on the inside!

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October 25, 2006

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