Sunday, May 04, 2008

Santa Barbara morning


The proprietor of the hotel immediately replied "Sambo's" to the question of where is the best breakfast in town. And it was only a couple blocks away from my place across from the beach in Santa Barbara. Having fond memories of meeting Erika and the twins here a couple years ago didn't hurt either.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Sambo's still had the happy sign with the boy and tiger in front, and as soon as I was seated a basket of piping hot chocolate chip muffins was placed in front of me. Nice!

Garden Omelet

I chose a Garden Omelet with added avocado, and the pancake option rather than toast. How could one not have Sambo's golden pancakes while imagining Bengal tiger butter! It all tasted fine, although it's not the 'best' breakfast I've ever had, it was quite nice. The eggs were cooked thinly and the ingredients were wrapped up in the thin layers, almost like a Napoleon. I'd definitely come again.

Seat Landing Sign

Wanting to soak in a little sun and sea breezes before a very long trip, crisscrossing central California in my little Chevy Aero rental car to get my car back in Visalia and drive back to Mill Valley, I wandered down the street. I came upon Sea Landing which has all kinds of things to keep one occupied on the sea!

Sea Landing

I'd like to come back with the twins sometime and enjoy some whale watching or sport fishing, or even watch them have fun on some rented jet skis I saw parked nearby. Everything looked in good condition.

Santa Barbara Beach

Stern's Wharf also looked inviting across the beach.

Santa Barbara Beach

Being early on a Wednesday morning, I had the beach practically to myself. Too bad I couldn't stay! But I'll be back.

Hibiscius scented chocolate raspberry brownies

NOTE: As I write this on Saturday afternoon, I'm smelling the freshly baked hibiscus scented chocolate raspberry gluten free brownies I've just pulled out of the oven. I substituted hibiscus infusion for the water in the recipe and scattered fresh organic Driscoll raspberries over the top just before putting in the oven. A nice tea-time treat!

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