Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This one is really hidden

Chinese Deli

The "Chinese Deli" in Mill Valley is off the main track in a little strip mall behind the Marin Theatre Company. I've seen a little sign near the theater and wondered where they were hiding the place, and finally ventured over a little bridge over a creek to find a spot that time left behind where this happening lunch spot is.

Vegetarian Spring Roll

It was filled to capacity at lunchtime, and offered a variety of interesting things, including vegetarian items. The vegetarian spring roll came in a bowl. The serving style is cafeteria style, where you can see and point to the items you'd like. There are various size options.

Singapore Noodles

I was quite tempted by the prospect of Singapore noodles with a little spice. These were fresh cooked and took an extra five minutes, but were well worth it. Guess what I had for dinner too? Faded and friendly, prompt and economical this is a definite find for casual dining.


Zoomie said...

Styrofoam in Mill Valley??? Sacrilege!

Anna Haight said...

Well, I did mention it was in a place that 'time left behind'... Good noticing!