Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Old Favorite in Santa Rosa

Betty's Fish & Chips

I was up north getting a haircut and Dad went along for the ride. He was so enjoying the vineyard scenery that we decided to head up Hwy 12 until we came upon a place for dinner that called to us. As we passed Kenwood, we remembered a casual but good Fish & Chips place that our friend Linda had introduced to us. Betty's Fish & Chips has been a long time family favorite of Linda's, and this was our second visit.

Betty's Interior

The interior was clean and inviting. It's a casual place, and there were locals with their dogs enjoying a meal on the outside where a few tables have been set up as well.

Fish & Chips

The fish batter is perfect, the main part being mostly Icelandic cod with just enough batter to crispy it up without overpowering the fish. The chips are made with fresh potatoes with their skins on, cut up in the back. The tartar sauce is smooth, without appreciable chunks in it, and well flavored. This would be a great place to relax and change gears from wine tasting to a good beer with the fish & chips. The service was friendly and prompt as well.


pam said...

I just surfed over here via a Google maps link. I lived in Santa Rosa many years ago and would go to this place about once a week. I moved away but am now back (though now East Bay) and have been thinking about this place but couldn't remember the name. Your pic of the interior confirmed that this is indeed the place I remembered. Thanks.

Anna Haight said...

These kind of comments make my day! Thanks for letting me know it was helpful to you!