Saturday, May 17, 2008

Even dull tasks can be made fun

Il Massimo

Friday was my six month dental exam. Like many who are reading this, I chose my dentist to be near my work so I could efficiently take care of teeth on the lunch hour. That worked for about 10 years, then I changed work locales, but I love my dentist! So I'm guaranteed a visit to San Francisco twice a year.

Sausalito Bus Stop

With all this hot weather, and a new Translink card all shiny and ready to try out, I chose to use public transit for my trip. And spare the air. Since I needed to come back to work, I drove there, parked the car and grabbed the #2 bus to San Francisco which dropped me off directly in front of the dentist's office! And, I was about 90 minutes early (the bus was quite efficient!), and I hadn't had breakfast, so I looked around. I noticed that an old favorite lunch place on Washington Street, Il Massimo, also served breakfast, which was quite a deal for $4.95!


First off, a delicious 12 oz cup of coffee is included in the price. The atmosphere was quite pleasant, being uncrowded with happy Italian music playing in the background.

Breakfast Sandwich

I chose to have the breakfast sandwich on freshly baked whole wheat filone bread. The interior was a veggie delight being eggs cooked with spinach and mushrooms topped with provolone cheese. Il Massimo is a great place for breakfast or lunch if you are in the neighborhood. Tomorrow will continue my tale of fun in San Francisco.

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