Friday, May 23, 2008

Trojan Bear

Little Honey Bear

A too quick look at the bargain shelf had me bringing back a couple of these cute "Little Honey Bears". HA! I didn't notice the word 'blend'. Blend of what? CORN SYRUP and honey, and naturally the corn syrup took first billing in the ingredient list. Not in my tea! I'm supposing it'll do for a pancake topping, barely (pun intended)!


cookiecrumb said...

Very bad.
If you can afford it, you might like Marshall's honey from the Marin farmers market; I buy the Marin Wildflowers honey and it really helps with my allergies.
(Although I am sneezing as I type this.)

Anna Haight said...

Ohhh I was just taken in by that $1 a bottle special running at Long's now. I can afford Marshall's I'm sure, and I forgot about the local honey/allergy help - I need it too! Thanks for the tip!

Zoomie said...

Wow, that's terrible when you have to carefully read the label on _honey_, for heaven's sake! I'm disgusted! What is the world coming to when even honey can be faked! Thanks for the "heads-up!"

Greg said...

Yikes you got cheated. Take it back.What don't they do with corn syrup these days?