Sunday, May 18, 2008

San Francisco Fun continued

Embarcadero Center

So after my teeth were declared quite fine, I meandered down past my old workplace walking through the green parkway of the Embarcadero Center and through Justin Herman Plaza. The building I spent more than 8 years in is building one, the one appearing smaller past the palm trees. My office was on the 2oth floor, facing the water towards the Golden Gate Bridge. While I was there, I rarely had time to enjoy the view.

In front of the Ferry Building

And all the interesting activities constantly going on in the square right in front of me. On this day a happy man with all kinds of interesting pots and cans was 'sharing love' in an impromptu concert.

Ferry Building

I always enjoyed looking and shopping at the Ferry Building when I had a chance, and thought I'd visit my favorite places since I had some extra time. Places such as The Imperial Tea Court, Book Passage, and Far West Funghi.

Delica rf

And I picked up some lunch at Delica rf1, an old favorite Japanese delicatessen.

Delica rf interior

The were starting to put things out on the table for the lunch crowd. I picked up an obento box for the ferry ride back.

View from Ferry Waiting area

Next I enjoyed the view while waiting for the Sausalito ferry.

Obento Lunch and Book

Since the ferry ride back is only 30 minutes, I quickly set out my lunch, and the book that just hit the bookstore on Thursday, according to the clerk. The End of Food looks like it will be a thrilling read.

Vegetarian Obento Box

I chose a vegetarian bento box, and added a delicious looking onigiri with salmon bits. The box was as inventive, fresh and delicious as I expected, and the onigiri consisting of rice, salmon, sesame seeds and a strip of nori (laver seaweed) was also wonderful. The miso based mushroom and bamboo topping for the grilled tofu was especially flavorful. And I'm always amazed at the Japanese love of reinventing potato salad. There are a lot of good and good-for-you things at Delica rf1 so do try it if you are in the neighborhood! The only glitch in the transportation was an excessively long wait for the Golden Gate bus #22 at the Sausalito Ferry terminal for the last leg of my journey back to work. Although the terminal stop for that line IS the ferry terminal, the timing is not coordinated well with the arrival of the ferries for some inexplicable reason. There was a 41 minute lag between the ferry's arrival and the bus's. It doesn't take a lot of thought to figure that this kind of thing is precisely what discourages people from using public transportation.


cookiecrumb said...

A 41-minute wait is just criminal! So sorry. What a dumb thing.
But, ah, the ferry ride.

Anna Haight said...

Yes! The ferry ride indeed! I love them. Notice I had no complaint about waiting for it...