Saturday, May 10, 2008

Complete with butterflies

Debbie Does Dessert

I'd overlooked this place for sometime, it just looked like a small bakery with a narrow footprint. Then I passed around the back of Debbie Does Dessert one evening, and saw what a lovely deck it opened out to the wooded path by the creek.

Back Patio

So Dad and I chose to have brunch there one recent weekend morning, just after it opened at 9. We had our choice of seats, and took a corner place at the back of the deck. It was so sunny and charming with bright yellow sunflowers gracing the tablecloths.

Crépe Compléte

Dad tried the Crépe Compléte, a buckwheat crepe with eggs, ham and gruyere cheese, with country potatoes on the side. He loved it and asked when we would visit France, or this place again.

Raul’s Heavenly Ratatouille Omelet

The woman who seemed to be the point person for everything effusively suggested Raul’s Heavenly Ratatouille Omelet, which is a very fluffy 3 egg omelet filled with Provencal vegetable ragout and gruyere. It was also served with French country potatoes and toast. The bread for the toast was made on premises and grilled. It certainly was a 'heavenly' combination! Towards the end of our breakfast, as if on cue, a lovely pale yellow butterfly with black markings fluttered and flitted around our table and throughout the deck, flying off into the sunlight when it had made its rounds. I'll have to come back some evening for the tapas!


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi anna
it made an interesting read, especially when one takes interest to find out more,as you did...always love reading your travelouges.

Zoomie said...

I second your endorsement of this place - good food and a lovely setting on a bright morning!