Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dining among books


I've always liked the Bookbeat in Fairfax, and I've discovered that they serve breakfast every day from 7 a.m.! I spent more time there when it was more bookstore than cafe, and in the evening I've attended some live music when friends were playing there. I read in the Marin IJ that the owner is looking for a buyer. I confirmed that it's still on the market for the right buyer. I sat with a pot of tea and thought about what it would be like to be the owner/proprietor of a place so rich with literature, art, music, and even food.

Croissant Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

Although it was closer to lunchtime than breakfast, I tried their veggie breakfast croissant which was 'way cool' in a hot sort of way. Well, the egg filling and croissant were hot, and the vegetables colorful and crisp from the cooler. Organic too I believe. I toyed with the idea of staying here and working, even taking out my laptop and availing myself of their blazing fast Hi-speed Wi-Fi Internet access. I had a lot of writing tasks on my to-dos for the day, might be possible. Then I checked my voicemail. Message from a business partner in NYC. Hmm.. He may not understand the Cat Stevens "Moonshadow" music in the 'office'. So I came back to reality and off to Sausalito to make the call.

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