Thursday, April 17, 2008

Land or sea, it's a happening place

Bobby's Cafe

I was glad to see Bobby's Cafe back in business, although missing the bayside location. I waited awhile to be sure they had their land legs before paying a visit. Bobby's not only serves breakfast and lunch, but it has added dinner to its repertoire. But Dad and I visited for breakfast.


For omelet choices the menu lists a long list of possible fillings, and includes two for the price, and you can add others for nearly $1 a piece. I chose Jack cheese, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and grilled onions. It came with some freshly grilled hash browns and rye toast (you have a choice). It was fluffy and delicious, and I was glad that the cooking hadn't changed.

Blueberry Pancake

Dad wanted a pancake, and remembering that Bobby's were on the large size, I advised Dad to try one, and he boosted it with the 'add blueberries' option. He was happy with it hot off the grill.

One egg, scrambled

He also had a side order of one scrambled egg for some protein. Overall, the atmosphere was happy, sporty and family-friendly. There was a 'destroyer' girl sitting across from us that slung her food all over - including under the table. The waiter cleaned it up till the floor was shining underneath once she left, without missing a beat. It was noisy, very busy and so the service was a little slow, but the food was worth it. Also, I love to support businesses that consider the wider community. I understand that the owners, in the midst of the fire tragedy that wiped out their previous location, donated all the food they had to St. Vincent de Paul's, which was so much meat and produce that it overflowed their freezers. How could one not support people like that?

I reviewed their previous location March 27, 2007.

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