Friday, April 11, 2008

Cute little bottle

Good Belly

I went again to Greens, so I thought I'd pull this cute little container out of the fridge and share for today! Good Belly is a probiotic drink that also has vitamins. It's surprisingly tart, but has a nice taste and goes down in an instant. The product contains a Swedish probiotic, Lp299v, which is a patented probiotic used by Swedish gastroenterologists to help their patients recover more quickly from surgery. I picked it up at Whole Foods, and will pick some up again next time I'm there as it is a pleasant way to get an immunity boost as well as vitamins.


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Anna Haight said...

Bunbungirl, Nice photos - but US based people would enjoy it more if it weren't so full of ???? which I assume are placeholders for kanji/hiragana... thanks for visiting!