Monday, April 14, 2008

Locavore or just loca?

Lettuce and mint

Still high on the success of the arugula and mint growing last year, I bought a six-pack of organic heritage lettuces to grow. The mint is still surviving from last year! I also picked up a couple new slingback stackable chairs for the deck off the kitchen.

red flower

The pretty pot of red I received on Easter is also still blooming prettily on my waterside deck. Dare I venture to tomatoes this year?


Kalyn said...

Yes! Tomatoes are easy to grow in containers. Go for it! Also grow some basil to go with them.

Zoomie said...

What Kalyn said! And if you get a big enough tub, you can tuck a small plant each of thyme, parsley and whatever else around the foot of the larger plants.

Temple of Thought said...

Cool. Ya know I think I've visited this journal before...

And I've always thought about growing a garden, but it requires a lot of time, doesn't it?

cookiecrumb said...

Do it!!
You have two weeks left to chart out the sun pattern on your deck. Even if the sunny spot slides across during the course of the day, you can put your tomato container on a wheeled platform (available at Goodman) and just chase the rays. If you can get six hours of sun a day, you are all set.
This works best if you are retired and spend all your time dreaming of homegrown tomatoes.
Plant on May 1!

Anna Haight said...

With all this encouragement - how could I not try. I have wheels and a big pot.. and plenty of sun... but a lot of wind... not sure how it will like the windy conditions, but I'll give it a try -- May 1st!