Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabulous Fresno Asian Street Bistro

Dai Bai Dang

When driving far from home, a good meal along the way makes the travel much better don't you think? Doing a little research on Yelp, Dai Bai Dang in Fresno seemed to be a likely spot to try while speeding towards Visalia.


Dai Bai Dang posts its menu in a large lighted box so you can check it out before committing. It also had a lot of pleasant outdoor seating, and people watching opportunities as the River Park Center seemed to be a happening place.

Peppered Ahi

Luckily the person I was traveling with has a similar taste in food. The Peppered Ahi came out first, and although it wasn't very peppery, it was delicious.

Japanese Eggplant

Closely on its heels was the rest of the food, including this Japanese Eggplant which may well be the best stir fried eggplant dish I've ever had. It was really the star of the meal.

Siam Shrimp

We also ordered a seasonal menu item, the Siam Shrimp, which was good, but the fried won tons were rather cold, and the spicing could have been kicked up a bit. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and kept adding more to my plate! The bed of enoki mushrooms in the middle was a nice touch.

Spicy Dan Dan Noodles

Last, but not least, were the Spicy Dan Dan Noodles, which were very nice. And they were very accommodating about substituting tofu pieces for the minced chicken and it all blended very well. Taking the whole experience in, the themed decor, the good service of the staff and the tasty food, I could understand why the California Restaurant Association voted it the "Best Asian Restaurant". I would definitely stop here again when I pass near Fresno.

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