Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Seafood Peddler

Rustic wooden exterior hides Poseidon's treasure. The exterior is rustic and unexciting, but once you enter the world of the sea opens up, and the restaurant opens out to a very pleasant deck with yellow umbrellaed tables. The manager of the Seafood Peddler was friendly from the start, and showed me to his favorite table, which was next to the window yet sheltered from the breeze blowing in the door. It was perfect.

Caesar Salad

I had a Caesar salad as a starter. It was great! And the crisp Parmesan cracker was a nice touch, especially since I had to take the grain-based croutons off to keep within my diet.

Petrale Sole Piccata

As for my entree of Petrale Sole Picatta, the chef was kind enough to accommodate my request for no potatoes by adding extra veggies and plating it attractively. The crisp green beans were a nice contrast to the fish, and the lemon sauce melded the tastes together nicely. There were a couple halves of a baby carrot too, and I ate it although I'm supposed to avoid carrots for now. I don't regret it, it was quite tender and juicy with that fresh pulled carrot taste. This restaurant was a delightful experience all around. The restaurant also has a Sunday brunch.

I also wanted to report that Dad and I celebrated his 87th birthday on Friday having a sandwich at Chili's and then going to see Transformers. The movie was a continuous battle scene, and Dad seemed to really relish it. Since it was just what he wanted, he spent his birthday as happy as a clam.

Don't forget that this upcoming Sunday I'm doing the round up here for Weekend Herb Blogging. You can read more information about this event at Kalyn's site.

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