Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Seven Random Things About Me. I was tagged by Elle at Feeding My Enthusiasms for this meme. Elle is my neighbor up north in Sonoma county who is the most daring baker I know. So I'm supposed to tell you seven random things about myself, then tag seven bloggers for the next round.

1. I was a Girl Scout. And I had a mother who liked to snap photos of kids in uniform!

2. I like the feel of acceleration. Take off in a small plane when I was learning to fly was over the top!

3. I used to sew my own clothes. I enjoyed sewing before I had to do so much detailed kind of work in my career, then I needed to change my hobbies to things that were more relaxing. To sew things right, details are important.

4. I grew up in a small town, but I loved spending part of my summer at my Aunt Dorothy's ranch, chasing cows, picking fruit and learning to can.

5. Labor Day Weekend will mark the 10th anniversary living in my condo in Mill Valley, the longest I've lived in any one house.

6. An unfulfilled dream I have is of riding an elephant.

7. I wanted to be a diplomat. I sat the exams right out of college, and missed the qualifying score by a point. About ten years later, I was contacted to come back and interview because females during that testing period had been discriminated against. At that point, it would have meant taking a 50% cut in pay, and moving back to the East coast, and my first assignment would necessarily have been an undesirable geographical location... so I didn't pursue it.

I'm going to choose a random seven bloggers to tag, finding blogs I may not have visited before, or not visited very often that I'd like to know more about the people behind. So my choices are:

Jeanne from World on a Plate.
Chika at She Who Eats.
Miriam at Tanzanian Recipes: You Are What You Eat.
Kieran at Ice Cream Ireland.
Karen at Family Style Food.
Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes.
Evelin at Bounteous Bites.

You'll notice there's a bit of country hopping in my randomness as well!


The Cooking Ninja said...

I was a girl guide when I was a little girl. :) I wish I can sew my own clothes.

Elle said...

Hey, I was a girl scout, too, and used to sew (you are so right about details being important), but it's cool you learned how to fly a plane and surely you will one day ride an elephant!

Kieran said...

Thanks for thinking of me, but I've done this already here!

Evelin said...

I'd love to answer the meme. Of course, once I have time for it, which is...is it okay to say 'later'?

It's actually no wonder you like to sew. People who are creative doing one thing, are usually creative doing all kinds of things:)

Anna Haight said...

Thanks all for your comments.

Kieran: great post!
Evelin: this is an invitation so when ever you like to do it is fine. Drop back and let me know though as I'd love to read it.