Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dipsea from bridge

Fresh Start.
Yesterday was full of Internet difficulties, not resolved yet as I'm using my Nokia's T-Mobile connection through my USB port to connect to the Internet to write and post this. So instead of reviewing a surprise pick in San Francisco, I'm going the shorter route with a tried and true place. I went to the Dipsea for lunch on Monday because I started a new diet, and wanted to go to a place where I was sure I could find something appetizing yet still allowable. The Dipsea with its wide variety of great foods immediately came to mind. I reviewed this location in June, and there are links in that post to the previous visits as well.

Blackened Lingcod over Greek Salad

As expected I found the perfect dish, a special of Blackened Lingcod over Greek Salad. It was great and I didn't even feel as though I were dieting! The Shangri-La diet is history already; I just couldn't take the daily nausea, and reducing the oil intake then lessened its affect on satiety, so it just didn't work. After hearing such good reports from Kalyn on the South Beach Diet, I thought I'd give it a whirl. So I started Phase I on Monday, which severely restricts carbs for two weeks. This salad fit the bill perfectly, and the ingredients were all at peak flavor. The greens were crisp while the fish fresh. Although I've lined up a few pre-diet places to share, necessarily you'll soon be seeing South Beach compliant meals here. And from what I can tell, I'll bet you won't even notice as one of the benefits is having real food in real situations.

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