Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Boxed lunch. Dad and I managed to get into San Rafael on a weekend day when Akira is open for lunch.

Akira mountain scene

It is so peaceful to sit at the sushi bar and contemplate the large Mt. Fuji artwork in the background.

Sake selections

Moving your eyes to the left, you can daydream a bit of fun times had in the evening, sampling sake. Akira has a large and varied selection and are happy to lead you through an introduction of tastes.


But it was lunch after all, and soon the miso soup that accompanied our meals arrived. It was obviously well-made and flavorful, and of course, the proper temperature.

Tempura and teriyaki chicken

Dad ordered a bento box with tempura and teriyaki chicken. We were slightly concerned that there were none of the native Japanese staff on hand that day, but obviously Akira knows how to choose and train people. The lunches were great, with no discernible differences in taste vs. previous visits.

Teriyaki salmon and Chicken Katsu

I enjoyed the salmon teriyaki and chicken katsu bento box. The portions were generous. Often the sizes of the items in bento boxes at other venues are quite lacking -- paper thin slivers of salmon, more batter than meat in the katsu. Akiras's versions were meaty and plentiful. And the vegetables were bursting with freshness and optimal quality.

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