Friday, July 13, 2007

Sushi LIn

Just about a year ago.
Sushi Lin opened its doors, and I visited it first on July 6th. My how fast a year flys! I tried it again in April without my camera. And this time I brought it along. The owner was the only one there at lunch time, and he greeted me promptly with a smile.

Chicken Katsu

I took a look at their "Quick Lunch" options, and quickly chose "Chicken Katsu". The dish came out hot with an appetizing aroma. The chicken breast was moist and generously sized. The breading was good, and it seemed to have been fried in fresh oil. However, the egg underneath had been colored mostly gray by the seasoning, and the onion slices were quite skimpy. So I had a mixed reaction, but despite the color it tasted good.

My father is turning 87 on July 20th, and I'm looking for a fun activity for his birthday celebration. Any ideas?


Kalyn said...

Wow, congratulations to your father. My own dad will be turning 83 in a few months. Sorry I don't have any brilliant idea to celebrate. In my family we always just have a big party. It would be fun to have a more personal celebration with dad, but there are always lots of others around.

Elle said...


A fun way to celebrate his birthday would be an outing to the Sonoma County Fair. Great fair food, exhibits and a wonderful flower show. The Grace Pavilion has vendors with fun things like massage chairs and shushi making kits, but cooking demos, too. It's held at the fairgrounds, just to the east of Hwy 101 at Hwy 12. I'd offer to join you but it is the first day of the monthly clinic at my new job, so the day will be packed. Happy Birthday to your DAD! (a little early).