Friday, July 27, 2007

Sushi Boat

I have nearly always succumbed...
to the cute little boats circling around the sushi bar and not tried a real 'dinner' from the menu at Sushi Boat. I'd reviewed it when visiting it with Paul before a movie in January, and Dad and I were on our way to a movie that perfect summer evening too.


Since I cannot have rice on this phase of the South Beach Diet, I had no desire to be tempted by those little boats, and Dad has never acquired a taste for raw fish. So we were seated at a table, and I had the vantage point of enjoying the rich red of the lamp in the corner with the amusing jumping dolphin statue.


A refreshing salad accompanied the meals.

Miso Soup

As did some very flavorful miso soup, steaming hot!

Prawn & Vegetable Tempura

Dad ordered prawn and vegetable tempura, and it came in a huge basket! The coating looked light and crisp, and Dad confirmed that it was not too oily and that the vegetables tasted very fresh.


I ordered sukiyaki, and also was brought quite a large pot! The beef was sliced rather thicker than usual, and there was about half of a tofu cake embedded in it as well. Far too much food for me too, but it was of high quality and expertly cooked to the right amount of doneness before bringing it tableside. This is a great place to come before enjoying the movies at the cinema on Smith Ranch Road.

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