Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Oh my darling! Clementine, a french bistro on Clement street certainly is. I met my friend Sachiko for dinner here -- what a treat to the senses! The staff we interacted with all had a very French presence and accent and the decor, although muted felt like being back in Paris.

Clementine Menu

I didn't snap photos of the food, but I took one of the menu. I had the cream of mushroom soup, which was very flavorful, just needed a pinch of salt from the salt dish on the table to take it to outstanding. Sachiko had the watermelon gazpacho, which also sounded intriguing. She and I both had the pork tenderloin with cabbage ragout. It was so beautifully presented with the slices of meat fanned out artfully. We had both chosen the prix fixe menu where the entire meal was $25 plus drinks. We ended with our lovely desserts, Sachiko picking a chocolate one, while I chose the raspberry shortcake, a light, airy and cool finish on a hot summer day.

Clementine card


Mike M said...

Great blog! I will be back for more!!


Cindy said...

You should also try Chapeau! They have a similary priced prix fixe from 5-6pm, Sun through Thurs.