Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anna's Aprons

Anna wears an apron?
Ilva over at Lucullian Delights has invited us to show off our aprons in her Show Us Your Apron event. My friends may be surprised that I even own any. I am usually much to much in a hurry to don one. Although my mother and host mothers have always tried to convince me of their usefulness. In fact, some of my favorite aprons in the past were from my mothers. And yes, usually they were so beautiful I put them away in a special place, and now don't know where they are to photograph them. I have started wearing aprons more often while grilling, and I dug these two out of the bottom of my kitchen towel drawer to share. You can see they've actually been used, and are rather wrinkled. I am now in the throws of term paper writing, and you can see I love to get distracted with any amusement. Back to work.


Ilva said...

Thanks Anna for taking the time! I'm very intrigued by the apron on the left, are those houses or am I seeing something that isn't there?

Anna Haight said...

Yes Ilva, those are little rows of Parisian houses! It reminded me of when I lived in Paris as a student, so I had to buy that one!