Friday, July 20, 2007


Fine find in San Francisco. A friend of mine recommended Kabuto Sushi, and for a little change of pace, Dad and I went here a few nights ago for dinner.


There is a big calligraphy board over the sushi bar that says, simply "rythmn". And it fits. Watching the sushi chefs turn out beautiful plates one after the other is worth the visit itself.

Salad and Miso soup

My dinner came with a miso soup and salad set. The miso was flavorful, and the salad was fresh and had a unique miso dressing which accented the green leaves.

Salmon Mushiyaki

Dad enjoyed a main course of salmon mushiyaki, which he described as light and flavorful. He thought it was just right, and left room for dessert, adding just a bowl of rice.

Chirashi - Zushi

I fell for the chirashi-zushi. How utterly light, cool and artful it was. The fish was so fresh, and they added some unique touches such as the addition of green tobiko as well as the traditional red, slices of red radish, and herb flavored omelet pieces.

Mango Ice Cream

Dad asked for some mango ice cream, which he said tasted like homemade. He recounted some summer memories of making ice cream out in the grass field next to the house where the family had a reunion each year and the children looked forward to the meal's end for this kind of cool sweet treat.

Bean cake

I tried a traditional Japanese sweet, ohagi. It was nicely plated. The outside consisted of sweet red bean paste with an artful sprinkling of green tea on the top.

Bean cake sliced

And inside was sweet mochi rice, the texture of the grains still apparent. Very nice for small bites while sipping some sencha or hojicha.

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