Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ward Street Cafe

A Chef who gets his hands dirty.
Dad and I stopped off for a relaxing brunch at Ward Street Cafe last weekend, and Ferando, the Chef came out twice to check on us and other customers. I couldn't help but notice that his crisp white tunic had some swipes of tomato sauce - evidence that he does the cooking! He was charming and sincere and concerned that the waiter didn't get our toast order, not realizing Ms. South Beach had requested no bread.

Sausage Omelet

Dad ordered the sausage omelet, which had chicken apple sausage, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese within. It came with the normal fruit and potato sides that grace most of the dishes here. He said it was great.

Ward Street Interior

I recalled the warm interior from the last visit, and thought I'd snap a shot. The columns are filled with multi-colored beans.

Chorizo Omelet

I chose the chorizo omelet, and requested some tomato slices rather than the usual delicious fruit and potatoes. It was quite tasty, and the cool tomato slices made a nice foil for the perfectly cooked and folded omelet. This place is great, and the attention of Chef Fernando shows in the food and ambiance.

A reminder that I'm hosting Weekend Herb Blogging this week, would love to have your participation! The rules are at the event originator's site, Kalyn's Kitchen.

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