Monday, July 23, 2007

El Rey Pakal

Yucatan in Marin.
Sad as it was to see Bamyan Afghan Cuisine close, at least we have another out of the ordinary restaurant taking its place. El Rey Pakal's menu is a delight to read with all its new or familiar yet different dishes.

Tortillas and salsa

We were promptly served some chips and a Mayan salsa, which I dared not taste lest it break my diet. Dad enjoyed it, and said the salsa was better than other places.

Empanizado de Puerco

Dad tried the Empanizado de Puerco, breaked pork steak served with rice, black bean puree and salad. He reported that the pork was tender and the breading was at that perfect equilibrium between too crunchy and too soggy.

Hand made corn tortillas

Dad also enjoyed the hand made corn tortillas which were served with my dish since these were not allowed for me yet. These looked so fresh, and smelled so good I know I'll have to come back and have these some time.

Conchinita Pibil

I thoroughly enjoyed my dish, the Cochinita Pibil, consisting of roasted pork marinated in a special achiote sauce topped with chopped red onions and fresh avocado and served with black bean puree. It was so artfully presented, and tasted delicious. The roasted pork was tender and subtly seasoned. The only glitch was slightly slow service, however the food more than made up for the periods of waiting. This is a menu to come back to and explore some more!

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