Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Dipsea

All three.
Yes, I've now had all three meals at the Dipsea, although only blogging dinner previously. It's surprising given that I've had breakfast here more than any other meal, that I haven't documented it here yet. The Dipsea is bright and cheery, and it orients itself to beckon those on the path rather than coming in the drive, as noticeable from the orientation of the above shot. I kept having the feeling I was going to fall in the river, so took the best angle I could given the circumstances.

Salmon Melt Sandwich

I couldn't resist the salmon melt sandwich on the fresh sheet, and it was a good choice! Fresh, perfectly ripened avocado, and grilled onion accompanied a meaty cut of salmon and melted cheese. There was a salad so green and fresh it still felt 'alive' on the side. Delicious lunch!

I've been in process of making a minor change to the format of the sidebar. As my friend reminded me last night, people may be wanting to see what I thought of a particular restaurant when I visited rather than just have a link to their corporate website. So I'll be gradually changing over the links to link to my most recent post on any given restaurant, and the link to each restaurant's website (if any) will be in the post itself.


Pink Granite said...

Your blog remains a delight!
The reformatting of the links sounds like a great idea.
I still wish we were close enough to try some of your picks. Instead they serve as inspiration!
Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

salmon melt sounds so good. I'm gonna write about it on my page

Anna Haight said...

Hi Pink Granite - Massachusetts has some fabulous foods too!