Monday, June 04, 2007

Kitti's Place

California Thai.
Set back from Bridgeway in a tiny strip in the north part of Sausalito is a very bright and creative Thai restaurant. Not all dishes are traditional Thai, but there is a Thai influence on that California cuisine part of the menu. Kitti's Place continues to be a delicious, reasonable and casual destination since my last review.

Chicken Gumbo

This time I enjoyed an early dinner, before a class. I tried "Kitti's Combo" which starts out with the soup of the day, in this case was a perfectly spiced and fresh Chicken Gumbo.

Kitti's Combo

Kitti's Combination plate included pan-fried udon noodle with chicken and vegetables, served with coconut shrimp topped with pineapple- tomato glaze. Doesn't that sound like a complimentary variety? There is an open kitchen, so I watched the energetic and cheerful woman (Kitti??) cook this deftly, and a happy taste infused the dish.

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