Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paradise Bay

Floating tableau.
On of the nice things about deck dining in Sausalito is watching the world of the sea floating by. Since I visited Paradise Bay in December, only the seasons and menu have changed.

Man & Dog from Paradise Bay

I saw the usual ducks and birds, although in more abundance than in December, and then a man canoing with his German Shepard. He paddled all the way up to the dock, that had a 15 minute 'parking' limit posted, and got out with his dog for parts unknown.

King of Clubs

Meanwhile I ordered up a "King of Clubs" with an Iced Tea, and continued enjoying sea life pass by.

Take home

I was so impressed by the sturdiness of the take-home box, that I had to snap a photo. It begs to be reused, and I have already. I think it's the most impressive take-home box I've ever received. A wonderful lunch experience both for the food and the view.

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