Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pasta Pomodoro

Good lunch value. Pasta Pomodoro is a chain reaching from Northern to Southern California, and Arizona, but it started in San Franicsco's Marina district in 1994. Pasta Pomodoro came to this location in Mill Valley's Strawberry Village a couple of years or so after the old Strawberry Joe's had a fire and closed. We all missed the Italian food, so this place filled quite a void. Joe's is a well known chain in Marin, still with lots of locations in the county.

Pasta Pomodoro interior

The interior is quite cheerful and bright. Pasta Pomodoro has a nice lunch menu with good values, as most of the things come with your choice of soup or salad and are reasonably priced.


Dad chose the salad, and he said it was quite fresh and had a nice mix of greens and other toppings.


I chose the minestrone soup. I must admit, I've always loved their minestrone soup, and have been known to order a bowl of it for dinner on winter evenings. It's consistently good. Even though it was a pretty warm day, I just couldn't resist.

Healthy Chicken Pasta

Dad's salad was followed by the healthy chicken pasta, which he enjoyed. Very generously portion, as was the salad, Dad could not finish either, although he gave it a good shot.

Conchiglie Pollo

I had the Conchiglie Pollo as my main dish, and it was good other than it was way over sauced. There was a lot of 'tomato soup' left in the bowl. But I enjoyed the nice al dente of the pasta which had chicken, sauteed garlic, broccoli and sundried tomatoes in the mix. The waiter was quite pleasant and prompt too. This is a nice neighborhood place, even though a chain, and they've worked out a good recipe for success.


Osho said...

Your Dad'd Chicken pasta looks delicious....where can I find the recipe for it?

Fishnlawyr said...

The best meal I never had was at Strawberry Joe's in June, 2000. It was a beautiful day...Muir Woods...Sonoma Valley... Just doing the tourist thing north of the Golden Gate... Stopped because the restaurant name struck my fancy. Immediately after our server delivered the most beautiful heaping plate of pasta, I heard a woman's voice, "Could you please step outside." A few seconds later, "Would you please step outside!!" I'm starving but heaven is on the other end of my fork when "GO OUTSIDE, THE KITCHEN IS ON FIRE!!!!" My wife must have "enjoyed" her meal as well because, as we watched the firemen spraying water on the building, she found the waitress and gave her a $40tip. (I'm probably the only person who has pictures of the smoke and flames coming through the roof.)