Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cafe Papillon

Identity Crisis.
I've been to Cafe Papillon several times, but not recently. Previously visiting at dinnertime, I found at lunch that the restaurant no longer serves dinner. Too bad, it was good.

Joojeh kabob

I ordered the joojeh kabob. Moist chicken meat cooked on a skewer and seasoned with sumac, it was heavenly. It had a side of grilled tomato, slices of onion, and an iceburg salad, as well as french bread and butter and a mound of fragrant basmati rice. The price for this is $9.95. The only jarring note was the disconnected feeling from the staff. The waiter was pleasant enough, but the whole place had an air of disengagement, and an indecision about what it was really about. When I first started coming here it was billed as 'French', but when you went inside, the menu was nearly entirely Persian, except for the quiche. It is still the same, although it now bills itself as Mediterranean and Persian. There is a nice selection of sandwiches, quiche and the Persian menu to choose from. They also serve breakfast daily.


Elle said...

That sounds yummy, Anna, and reminds me, a very little, of Hatams. Time to plan another outing. Out of town until 11th, so maybe we can plan after that?
Hope school is going well.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way. The atmosphere was uneasy...that's why I take out. I like getting the Turkey sandwich...eggplant *drool*. I haven't tried the Kabobs, will have to try next time.

memi said...

I think food there is great